Dear Google

Dear Google, I want a nice present!!!

A simple search made from your servers gave us the following result: Marian Stăvăroiu, you can find him on,  but „a description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt”. I don`t want this, since my last post was published in 07 December 2015. And the site’s robots.txt was modified in the same day, too. Do you need this?
I think we live in 2015, but 2016 very soon.
Yes, I know, the article was posted one day after the day of Saint Nicholas, but do I have to wait since Santa Claus’s day? LOL,  that was a joke. Take another: I said Claus, not Klaus.

Sincerely, yours Marian Stăvăroiu. Or Stavaroiu Marian, if you wish, with or without diacritics. (Please, note: Marian is a masculine name in Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and probably in other East European countries)

Thank you in advance.


UPDATE (16 or 17 December, only 10 days!):  Problem solved! But I have other ideas, please check the page: Home / Acasă / Despre.

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